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Frequently Asked Questions

If there is an electricity cut does Minas Venue have a generator?

Yes. We will switch the standby generator on as quickly as possible to ensure your evening is stress free.

Will Minas Venue provide clean up staff?

Minas Venue will provide clean up staff the day after but we are not responsible for taking down décor if this has been done by an outside decorator or florist.

Can I get married in a forest?

We have an old pine forest close by that you are welcome to get married in. This will however be an extra cost as we need to ferry things to and from this area as we like to leave it just as natural as possible. Costs will also depend on what you need for the ceremony eg seating, tables etc. PLEASE NOTE: This is a STRICTLY NO SMOKING zone due to the high fire risk, so guests will not be allowed to smoke until they get back to the reception area.

Can I get married in the Brewery?

You are welcome but it does mean we will have to shut the brewery down for a private function. This means we would loose our normal weekend revenue. We charge a minimum rate of R10 000 for a private function and this is subject to change each year.

Can you organise everything for me?

We can! We charge a flat rate of R5000 as a co-ordination fee. For this we will source all your décor needs, ensure the flowers are done by either us or the designated service provider, ensure that the tables are set, that the day runs super smoothly and that just everything is taken care of.

How do I find the service providers in the area for things like a marriage officer, hairstyling, make-up, a wedding cake, flowers, a DJ and sound etc?

Once you have booked the venue we will send you our comprehensive wedding directory of everything there is to offer in the area, who to contact and their contact details. There are plenty of service providers so no need to worry.

What are the dimensions of the tables and how many people can they seat?

Tables are 2200 long x 800mm wide. They can seat 8 or 10 depending on how you arrange them. If you want tables together to make up a long table – then work on 8. If you have individual tables out you can put a chair on each end to make it a 10 seater.

Is there enough accommodation for guests in the area?

There are plenty of guesthouses, B & B’s, hotels and self-catering cottages in the area. We will provide you with a full list of recommended accommodation. Please make sure that guests book well in advance though as we have 4 festivals during the year and the area gets really busy! These are in February, end of April and the end of September.

Are you pet friendly?

We are, but we also have 5 dogs on the farm and the cottages are not fenced in so please take this into consideration. We also do not allow dogs to sleep on beds or furniture.

Are fairy lights included in the venue hire?

No, these are an extra and will be quoted accordingly.

Where can I look for maps and more information and things to do in the area?

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